About Me

Tony has 25+ years experience assisting partners to become more effective leaders and develop more profitable business from stronger client relationships.

He is a qualified Master Coach and accredited to use the MBTI psychometric indicator. He has been selected as a leadership coach for more than 100 partners in leading firms.

Tony studied Management Studies at Templeton College, Oxford and St Catherine’s College, Oxford. He has an M Phil from Reading University.

Tony started his career with Procter & Gamble. He was a project director in the consulting division of Coopers & Lybrand working with the BBC, BP, BT, Prudential, Rank, Shell, London Stock Exchange before becoming Head of Marketing for their management consultancy.

In 1990 Tony joined Cameron Markby Hewitt (now CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang). He was their first ever Business Development Director and a member of the firm’s Management Team. The firm received a National Training Award and he introduced business planning processes that contributed to Camerons being the first professional firm in the City to be accredited as an Investor in People. He led the project to develop the brand values and visual identity of the Cameron McKenna brand.

He is the author of two volumes of The Business Development Handbook for Lawyers –  Prospects to Advocates and Pitch Perfect.

He was a Principal Tutor on the MBA in Legal Practice at the Nottingham Law School for several years and speaks regularly at international conferences. He is currently a tutor on the IE Law School Management Programme in Madrid and London.

This is what people have said about Tony’s contributions…

Absolutely fabulous programme! A particular ‘hat tip’ to Tony Reiss who I thought was great! I tried one of the models the week after with a Chief Exec and it worked like a dream! I couldn’t believe how well it worked. I’ve already been asked back to do more work.

 I’ve been on loads and loads of courses, and this one stands out as the one I’ve learned from most. I really liked the personal coaching and how he built my self-confidence

I’d heard lots of good things and wasn’t disappointed  

Best course I ever attended was on snow-boarding. This one was as good!

The workshop was excellent. The most interaction I have ever experienced

I have learned more this week than in the whole last 9 months put together

I learned a huge amount and feel my confidence has increased a lot

This is the best training I’ve done… I loved it!

Fantastic. Taught me heaps though I am exhausted!

I’ve been taken along one of the most incredible learning journeys in my life.

The amount of personal coaching has surpassed anything I’ve ever experienced.

You managed to challenge all of us and keep us interested and motivated, despite our range of experience.

An awesome experience for my mind, skills and career.

Thank you very much for a wonderful three days of learning. I can honestly say that it is the best course I have ever been on. And I’ve told everybody back at the office! 

I never before had so much fun and learning together in a training course!

This programme has been great for my self-confidence. Every day in the office is driven by the thought that you could have done it better etc. The programme gave me a safe environment to try things out and see if they work.

 I thought the course was extremely useful on both technical and motivational grounds. I suspect that it pays for itself many times over as it acts as a real spur to develop new clients and cement existing relationships. The tools on offer on the course are not ordinarily acquired ‘on the job’ of mid level and senior associates and it was clear to me that all of the participants left the course with a greater sense of purpose and confidence as to how win business.

You took me out of my comfort zone and I got the benefit out of that. It’s different now back in the office. We get the best out of each other and listen better.  

I wanted to say a personal thank you for the advice and feedback you gave me. You gave me the confidence and positive feedback that I needed to make the change and go out and do something about it. So I start a new chapter tomorrow, one that I am excited and scared about in equal measure, and one that I have you to thank for.

After your coaching I had a series of important client meetings. So many of your tips worked. I even used your advice about ‘being tough in charming way’ and that worked too! So I am pleased for me and credit you with the increment needed to achieve this.

Tony was an excellent speaker. This Masterclass stood out from the other programmes I’ve attended. It was so useful.

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