COVID Coaching

I know many of you out there will have been negatively affected by the changes COVID-19 has brought. So I thought that with my 25+ years of business development and leadership experience, I could provide guidance to those who might need extra support during these difficult times.

I’m offering complimentary coaching sessions for professionals who are feeling challenged by the impact of COVID-19.

If two 30-minute sessions of my time could benefit you or someone you know then read the information below, hit the link and apply.

Keep safe,


Who can apply?

Anyone who thinks they can benefit from this can apply. You might be a Managing Partner with leadership or strategy challenges or an Associate looking to develop their experience or skills, or just starting out in the profession and not sure of how to develop in your career.

How does it work?

I will organise meetings where you can ask any questions you like and I will share experiences and advice, or we can simply bounce ideas around to try and help you navigate through your options in these difficult times.

The first session will be a 30-minute call, and then we’ll have a follow-up call a few weeks later to check-in and see how you’re doing.

Some ideas to get you started

To get you started and answer some of the questions you might have, have a look at my blog site at where there are lots of articles on how professionals can be even more successful in their careers.

Many of you might be facing the additional challenges of working remotely.

How to apply

It’s simple. Just fill in this form. I’ll be interested to hear a little about the nature of your current challenge.

Return the form by 30th April. I will contact you via email shortly after the closing date.

Tony Reiss