Prospects to Advocates – A Suite of Six Group Coaching Workshops to Develop BD Skills

Most lawyers find their role as sales people uncomfortable. They typically didn’t enter the profession to become a sales person. Yet the increasingly competitive market, coupled with the ongoing economic situation, requires lawyers to be more active and competent at generating business.

I have designed a suite of programmes to develop the necessary BD skills. But more than that, these programmes develop confidence in selling.

They typically run at lunchtime or after hours to groups of 6-12 people and I always offer a demonstration of how to do something (eg call a prospective client to arrange a meeting, work a room at a reception etc). Participants would be offered free copies of the new book The BD Handbook for Lawyers – Prospects to Advocates. I would propose to work with a member of your BD team to ensure messages are consistent with your firm’s way of doing things.

Here is the list of programmes:

  1. The Ultimate Networker – Working a room, with confidence and with a plan
  2. Professional Selling – The art of building relationships with prospective clients and asking for work professionally
  3. Converting Contacts to Clients – Using professional selling techniques suitable for the legal profession
  4. Pitch Perfect – State-of-the-art techniques in pitching to give you an inside track and make your submissions more persuasive
  5. Developing More Work from Existing Clients – Using best-practice CRM approaches to increase your share of work from key clients
  6. [For Management] Running Effective Sales Programmes  – The art of motivating your teams to be more active at BD

But are These Programmes any Good?

Our recent work has led to us receiving the LETG Award for Best Trainers.

But don’t just our word for it. Here is some feedback on these programmes from lawyers in leading firms:

I thought the course was extremely useful on both technical and motivational grounds. I suspect that it pays for itself many times over as it acts as a real spur to develop new clients and cement existing relationships. The tools on offer on the course are not ordinarily acquired ‘on the job’ and it was clear to me that all of the participants left the course with a greater sense of purpose and confidence as to how win business.

This programme has been great for my self-confidence. Every day in the office is driven by the thought that you could have done it better etc. The programme gave me a safe environment to try things out and see if they work.

I tried one of the models the week after with a Chief Exec and it worked like a dream! I couldn’t believe how well it worked. I’ve already been asked back to do more work.

I’ve been taken along one of the most incredible learning journeys in my life.

The amount of personal coaching has surpassed anything I’ve ever experienced.

The Call to Action

Ring Tony Reiss on 020 8408 2242 to discuss your requirements and see if we’ll be a good fit for your needs. I’ll be happy to offer one free workshop, so what have you got to lose?

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