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Motivation Theories and Professional Service Firms

Professional firms are finding it difficult to retain their talent. Is there anything they can do to motivate staff? Here’s a look at what we can learn about motivating talented people. Personality, abilities and experience are all relevant indicators to … Continue reading

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Business Trends in 2019

British Airways apparently has a panel of global trend watchers. In my words here is a selection of their predictions for 2019. Machine Vision – In 2019 there will be an estimated 44 billion cameras in the world and much … Continue reading

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Skills Training using Video Conferencing Software – Does it Work?

Do you really need to fly people to attend training events to learn new skills? A good question when clients are baulking at the costs of such events and not clear they are getting value for money. With the development … Continue reading

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Tips on Negotiating a Rise in Fee Rates

Some firms struggle to negotiate increases in fee rates. As Oliver Twist demonstrated, it can be hard to ask for more. But with staff getting annual salary increases and with inflation rates starting to go up, it becomes more important … Continue reading

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Are Some of Your Partners Losing Their Mojo?

As a coach I meet lots of partners who are admitting to me that they are, frankly, a bit bored! They probably don’t use those words. They might not even recognise the fact themselves. But after some probing questions from … Continue reading

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Research Findings on What Motivates (and Demotivates) Lawyers

I’ve asked more than a thousand lawyers over the last ten years what motivates them at work. I’ve asked lawyers across Europe, Asia and the Americas. I’ve asked lawyers in big firms and small firms. The results are somewhat consistent … Continue reading

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Giving Feedback Using Radical Candor (or Candour for the Brits!)

Kim Scott tells a great story about getting feedback from Sheryl Sandberg whilst working at Facebook. It goes roughly like this… After a presentation, Sheryl said: ‘You know you say ‘um’ a lot.’ Kim, who thought she was a pretty … Continue reading

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