PITCH PERFECT – a new book to help lawyers win more pitches

Pitch perfect photoI’m delighted to announce the arrival of my new book, written for lawyers to help you win more pitches. I thought you might like to see an excerpt.

I wrote the book because the smart firms are deciding not to wait for clients to invite them to pitch for work – they’re going out to present their credentials. Not only can this speed up the process of winning instructions, but it can also cut out competitors as well as save the firm the time costs of going through a potentially more rigorous formal pitch.

But pitching is not always succeeding as firms would like. Indeed the majority of pitches by law firms are failing.  Many partners also find the process difficult. It can smack so easily of what some might see as aggressive selling.

Our analysis of pitch documents and presentations shows that many firms are not going about their pitches in the most appropriate way. In particular, firms are not tailoring their messages appropriately to each prospective client. Too much ‘we, we, we’ and too much ‘boiler plate’ content is frankly not very persuasive.

Whilst there cannot be a ‘McDonald’s formula’ where the same approach is sure to make the perfect hamburger every time, Sherwood PSF Consulting has developed a process and can provide some tips that can make your pitches less speculative. The five step Pitch Perfect process is summarised here. I also provide some examples of some successful techniques used by law firms.

The book is available on Amazon and directly from the publishers at http://www.troubador.co.uk/book_info.asp?bookid=2212

Meanwhile, here are ten useful tips to get you going…https://tonyreiss.com/2013/09/16/ten-big-easy-tips-to-win-more-pitches/

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