The Pig Personality Diagnostic

PigletdisneyThere are various techniques for assessing personality types and I can recommend introducing them to your team.  It can help people appreciate their own style as well as the importance of some of the skills in their colleagues and thereby improve teamwork.

I’ve even come across a firm in Canada that puts complementary teams together so they have outgoing client handlers working with others that are stronger at detailed analysis and would prefer never to speak to clients!

There are MBTI tests and lots of others that are very good but take hours to complete and diagnose. So I was excited when I came across a different methodology which I thought you might like to try for a bit of fun. It only takes seconds. Simply take a clean piece of paper and draw a pig. Be reassured that you don’t need to be an artist for this test to work. When you are done, read on – but not before…


Diagnosis :

If you drew the pig at the top of the piece of paper, you are optimistic by nature. In the middle of the page, you are realistic. At the bottom – pessimistic!

If the pig’s face is on the left, you are traditional, friendly and are the kind of person that remembers people’s birthdays. If the pig’s face points forward you are direct, play devil’s advocate and don’t fear strident discussions. If the face points right you are innovative and active but don’t remember dates!

If your drawing contains many details, you are analytical, cautious but possibly distrustful. By contrast if you provided few details, you might be considered emotional, naïve and a risk taker.

If you drew all four legs you are secure, stubborn and stick to ideals. If you drew less than four legs you might be insecure or living through period of change. If you drew more than four legs, you might need to get out more!

The larger the ears, the better the listener. The longer the tail, the more satisfied with your sex life, apparently!

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