Could Law Firms Learn from a Football Club?

goalkeeperSounds like a bizarre question. But the answer is yes and firms could learn lots from the Civil Service and GB’s track cycling squad and so many other sectors. Here’s why…

  1. No sector has a monopoly on good ideas. As an example, the top team at a leading telecoms company has been to watch the Samaritans in action and seen how to build rapport. Also Southampton FC has visited the Yehudi Menuhin School of Music to learn more about the art of practicing. Top leadership coaches have attended a rehearsal of The Bach Choir to see how to enhance performance.
  2. Diversity provides different viewpoints. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it’s the law firms that have recruited senior people from outside the profession that have been more innovative (eg BLP with Lawyers on Demand and DLA Piper with an Innovation Director hired from PwC)

Here’s a specific tip. If you are interested in looking for ways of keeping your top female talent motivated and aspiring to be partners, try looking at how the Civil Service does it (38.7% women in senior roles overall with many departments at 50% senior women).

As markets get more competitive and go through much more change, so there are greater challenges facing law firms. Those that succeed will innovate and there are so many great ideas out there beyond the boundaries of the legal market. Go and look!

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