How to Walk in Your Client’s Shoes

Client’s shoes?

We all know we should try to put ourselves in our client’s shoes. But it can be hard to do that when there’s so much going on in our own shoes.

So here are some thoughts about what clients might be feeling:

  • I’m taking a personal risk in my selection of advisers
  • I like to be in control and my advisers might take that away from me
  • Will I be made to feel inadequate?
  • Will these advisers help make me look good?
  • This firm talk a good game, but will they really deliver – loads of other firms didn’t!

Here are suggestions for approaches to adopt to increase the chances of winning work from clients:

  • Show that you’re bothered to find out about this prospective client and their sector. Visit their site. Read up about their competitors and the issues in their market.
  • Don’t just think about the needs of the client as an organisation. Think about your client as a person. What are their KPIs? How can you help them deliver?
  • Spend more time asking about them and less time talking about your firm.
  • Demonstrate that you’ll be helping your client achieve greater mastery in their role.
  • Avoid just making assertions about how clever or experienced you are. Everybody else is doing that. Instead provide Tell stories about how you’ve found ways around challenging situations.

I heard a story about a lawyer who kept a pair of moccasins under his desk and every time he tried to be more client-centric he put them on! Whatever helps! But what could you do to be more focused on clients?


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