Reiss Masterclass on Managing Successful Change in Law Firms

Being run in London on 1 November, 2011. Specific key topics include:

  • The key success factors – learning from projects that work and projects that don’t;
  • What lawyers can learn from consultants that specialise in change management
    • The 5 stages for successful projects
    • The change cycle
    • Schein’s work on consulting modes
  • The interpersonal skills required by those leading projects
    • The importance of ‘Gaining entry’
    • Credibility/rapport/trust
    • Questioning and listening skills for project leaders
    • Contracting and managing expectations
  • How to influence for change, using:
    • Using logic
    • Asserting
    • Visioning
    • Consulting/involving
  • Consulting tools
    • Forcefield analysis
    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Ishikawa technique
    • Affinity diagrams
  • Spotting resistance and dealing with it

Contact me at if you would like more details

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1 Response to Reiss Masterclass on Managing Successful Change in Law Firms

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Participants from Linklaters, Schoenherrs (leading Austrian and CEE firm), Hyman Robertson

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