The 10 Commandments for New Partners

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10 Commandments in London Church

 I’ve had the great pleasure of working with a number of inspirational managing partners, particularly on programmes designed to help senior associates  transition successfully to their new role as partners.

Here is my synopsis of some of the best advice I’ve heard – what you might call the 10 commandments to new partners:

1. Think of this as just another step in the process, having had your first day in school, college, law school etc. You might think that this is it, but in many ways you are just starting again. Plus, it’ll be good to accept that you’ve still got much to learn!

2. Get yourself organised to cope with the various pulls on your time. Consider all the things you do to sort out priorities and be rigorous about continuing to be on top of your in-tray. Remember you don’t have to do everything. Delegate!.

3. You are now inextricably linked with your firm – make sure you fully incorporate the firm’s values into your own and live them.

4. Treat people well. You will be judged in part by how you treat people who cannot advance your career – that’s how people will judge who you really are.

5. Remember that your role and status comes not from what’s on your business card, but from the eye of the beholder – you have to earn people’s respect.

6. Don’t get too full of yourself – particularly in the early days

7. Try to be a good role model. Pick the right partners to base this on, not necessarily the ones just ahead of you. But you must be authentic!

8. Think and behave like an entrepreneur, because that’s what this firm needs you to be

9. Put yourself in the shoes of others to better understand their view of the world

10. Start thinking about your career as a partner and what roles you’d like to develop (BD, technical, client partner etc)

Any other great tips for new partners?

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