Bullying in the Legal Profession 

imagesAnother survey shows that bullying and discrimination ‘is rife’ in the legal profession, particularly at The Law Society.

The Times newspaper quotes findings today (28 April, 2014) from a poll carried out by The Law Society amongst nearly 400 staff which shows:

  • 16% of staff have been bullied in the past year
  • 10% claim to be victims of discrimination

What’s particularly worrying is that these findings are above the national averages of 9% for discrimination and 13% for bullying.

Also a previous survey carried out by The Law Society amongst the profession as a whole two years ago showed 17% of all solicitors claim to have been bullied. The figure was as high as 25% for government lawyers and 23% for those working in industry.

Not sure why this sort of behaviour should be more prevalent in communities of lawyers. But sounds like what’s needed is tough, but non-bullying, management!

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