Why Clients Cannot Receive GOOD, FAST and CHEAP Service

There is an old saying:



Here’s why this makes sense.

For a start we need to define our terms. ‘GOOD’ doesn’t mean ‘not bad’! It means rigorous. It means putting your best brains on the job and providing all the bells and whistles.

‘CHEAP’ doesn’t mean ‘for not much money’. It means for a lower price than our other clients.

‘FAST’ means ‘even faster than our normal speedy response’.

Clients need to bear in mind why they can only have two out of three and cannot have all three, as follows:

A GOOD service, FAST cannot be CHEAP – to deliver this, your firm will need to be diverting services from other areas and needing to reward people for working extra hours and antisocial hours. This costs money.

A GOOD service, CHEAP cannot be FAST – clients who are paying better fee rates deserve priority and your firm can only offer such a service using spare capacity. Otherwise it’s not economical.

A FAST service, CHEAP cannot be GOOD – our output will be the best humanly possible, but we simply won’t have the time to assess all the risks and double-check everything

How good are you at explaining these options to your clients?

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